Friday, October 22nd, 2021

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Windows 10 To Ubuntu 20.04……..If Only

#Windows11 #EnglishBob #UbuntuLinux So with the planned release of Windows 11 in June 2021 an awful lot of people will be excluded from using it, Hellooo Ubuntu, if only huh. Support the stream: Manjaro...

EPIC 12 bit Nvidia RTX Setup That Changes EVERYTHING!

#QuantumNation ==General Overview== 12 bit RTX gaming is the best of all gaming experiences! Try it out! ====JOIN THE VIPS====== ==CONNECT WITH ME== ======SOURCES======== Quantum TV ======SUMMARY======= Nvidia Control Panel Settings

Best Xbox Series X Video Settings | VRR, YCC 4:2:2, 10 bit color, HDR calibration

The Xbox Series X has an excellent setup process, walking you through the key settings but it doesn’t cover everything. To game with the best video settings on your Xbox Series X you’ll need...

How to install cleaner Bleach Bit on Ubuntu Zorin, Cleaner install on ubuntu, system cleaner ubuntu

#cleaner #bleach #ubuntu #zorin #aryancomputer ★ SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL :-@Aryan Computer YouTube Channel: ★Join me on social networks. Facebook:- Instagram:- Hi friends! Aryan Computer is dedicated to providing technical, IT education and solution, including...