Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Tag: Brush

Live Editing Sessions – Capture One 20th May 2021 (Colour Grading, Auto Levels, Luma Ranges, Masks)

We begin today’s session by looking at the differences in output from the DeHaze tool vs contrast, curves and HDR adjustments on Pavel’s image of Monument Valley, following a review of how to export...

Live Editing Sessions – Capture One 8th July 2021 (Variants, Reverse GND, B&W, Highlight Recovery)

Join us live, for an hour of interactive raw editing with your own photographs and images in Capture One Pro. We recommend requesting the HD option in Chrome via YouTube for full 1440p screen...

Tips and How to Brush Your Teeth ||Dental Hygiene |Macos TV

How to brush your teeth | Dental hygiene |Macos TV #tipsHowtobrushyourteeth #dentalhygiene #MacosTV Paano mag toothbrush ng ating ngipin? Kagamitan; Toothpaste Toothbrush Water Mug or cup Mouthwash

Live Editing Sessions – Capture One – 13th May 2021 (Orton Effect, Skin Tone Tool, Colour Picker)

In today’s session, we begin by re-capping on some of the interface elements in Capture One, and how they can be easily customised to match your preference in way of working (including some quick...