Sunday, December 5th, 2021

Windows 10 Debloater Tool | Debloat GUI | 'EZ Debloater' Feb 2021 for 2004/20H2/2009

NEW Feb 2, 2021! Check LINK below! This FREE program has ‘EZ Debloater’ for quick debloating and also can create a customized PowerShell script file that you can run to Debloat Windows 10. For 2004/20H2/2009 October 2020. Full walkthrough video. Timestamps and Link below.

► 0:00 – Download and usage of ‘EZ Debloater’
► 2:27 – Create PowerShell script from options and run script directly
► 4:10 – Manually running the script using 2 commands
► 5:51 – Create and share radiobutton…

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