Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Apex Legends Valkyrie Guide – Tips and tricks for Season 9 legacy

Apex Legends Valkyrie Tips and Pro Tricks for Playing Apex Legacy Season 9. #SponsoredByEA

0:00 Valkyrie Intro
0:38 Valkyrie Three Passives
2:25 Valkyrie’s Tactical: Missile Swarm
3:21 Valkyrie’s Ultimate: Skyward Dive
3:57 Valkyrie Tips and Tricks
7:55 Valkyrie and the Season 9 Meta

Valkyrie takes to the skies in the Apex Legends Legacy update. Valkyrie has a number of powerful recon and mobility abilities, including her VTOL Jets, which essentially give her a jetpack as her passive. The…

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